Sunday, December 28, 2008

A brief history of Cincinnati Theater and an article about Eleanor Beard

This post (click here to read full article) includes an article about the first theatrical group formed in Cincinnati in 1801. The entirely male company called the Thespians was made up of officers of the garrison from the old fort. They were met with opposition from the pastor Dr. James Wilson of the presbyterian church who wrote in the papers of the time under the name of Philanthropos. His principal opponent also wrote in the papers under the name of Theatricus. Favorite quote from this article is a toast given by one of the groups supporters at a Fourth of July celebration, "The Cincinnati Theater-- May it not, like the walls of Jericho, fall at the sound of Joshua's horn."

The second article is about Eleanor Beard a Kentucky mountaineer who employed thousands of quilters from all over the region. She also revived the technique of Trapunto, a 15th century Italian style of stitching after a customer brought a Florentine pillow to her studio and asked her to copy it.

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