Friday, December 19, 2008

Fall Flower show at Fifth Third Bank , Aerial Scavenger hunt for the letter "I", Ice Skating, a Wedding reception hunt, and the World Bridge Olympic

She wrote this batch about the flower show, an aerial scavenger hunt, the new skating pond at the Camargo club (planned by William Hayden Chatfield) a wedding/hunt at said club and the World Bridge Olympic. My favorite quote from this page is, "Cincinnatian's have grown well accustomed to seeing well dressed young people picking up cigar stubs on Fourth St." My second favorite is reported from Col. Hawkes* an official judge of the aerial contest. According to the article he said "Girls must be better clew finders than the men, since 5 of them were the first 10 scorers."
(Throughout the article the word "clue" was spelled "clew".)

*On December 28, 1920 Col. Hawkes took Amelia Earhart on her first airplane ride at a state fair. He died in an air crash in 1938.

I will try to label each post with notable names and all others she highlighted.

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