Sunday, December 28, 2008

Waldo Frank's America Hispana

Here (click to read full article) she reviews the book America Hispana by Waldo Frank, published in 1931. Margaret was fascinated by this book. She summed it up with this wonderful passage, "America Hispana lies like some huge animal asleep in the sun, but it is stirring to an ever keener wakefulness. Let invaders beware the day it rises. It will seem less docile when the binding chains are broken. Mr. Frank sees the future of South America in the development of the people. It is only when the people have acquired the knowledge of their oppressors that they can assert their independence. When the last page is finished and the book lies closed in the reader's lap, America Hispana is no longer a vague country down south somewhere, but a newer America than the United States, fast becoming a vital factor in the reckoning of world affairs."
I think this article appeared in print on November 17th, 1934, because on this page of her scrapbook, she posted an "on this day" item from the paper in 1990 about Lyndon Baines Johnson and Claudia Alta Taylor's (Lady Bird Johnson) wedding in 1934. If it was printed on November 17th, it was only two weeks after her wedding.

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