Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome to the Weaver family blog!

Margaret Dunlop Weaver was a society reporter for the Cincinnati Times-Star and the society editor for the Cincinnati Post. Before she got married to our grandfather Robert Weaver, she covered the "smart set" of the 30's. After leaving the Times Star to raise her three sons, Andy, Randy and Mike, Margaret returned to the Cincinnati Post in the 50's and wrote for 30 more years. Her most popular columns included, "Young, Happy and In Love" about wedding engagements, and a cooking column called, "What's Cooking in Cincinnati?". In her long and varied career, she interviewed thousands of people in Cincinnati from all walks of life. We are fortunate that she kept tearsheets of some of her articles in scrapbooks. As newsprint and paper tends to fall apart, we decided to scan all of her scrapbooks and post this wonderful archive online.

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