Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Article about Daniel Barenboim, child prodigy from the 1950's

This is an interesting page of her scrapbook from the 50's. She interviewed the parents of Daniel Barenboim a musical prodigy from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who is now the Musical Director of the Berlin State Opera. In 1958 he was 15 years old and performing concerts all over the world. Margaret asked his father Enrique about the difficulties of raising a prodigy. Enrique is quoted as saying, "I am trying to prove through Daniel and my other pupils that I am against neurotic, hysterical cases that are associated with artist's in general."

On this page is a card from the artist Alec Borenstein to Daniel. He was also a child prodigy from Tel Aviv. I am not sure why it was in Margaret's possession, or what the connection is between him and Daniel, but it's dated 1960. She has several envelopes with stamps postmarked from Israel and a card from Daniel Barenboim's family wishing a happy New Year. There is an illustration of Daniel on the page by an artist named Kantor dated 1958, Tel Aviv.

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  1. I would be really interested to see this card!

    I could also let you know what is the relationship between Daniel Barenboim and I....!

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Alec Borenstein